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Speed up your site by serving static content

To speed up the loading of your static content on your site (such as images, JavaScript, CSS files, etc) it is possible to tell your site to load them from the cloud’s high-speed Nginx cluster. To do so, simply contact with our support team and take your static IP.

Then our support team will create a subdomain and point that static IP to your subdomain. They will give you a subdomain like

After they have done this for you, you will need to log into your site and set it to use this domain for your static content. In WordPress for example, underSettings > Media, you would set the full URL path to nb: This needs to be the url to the actual uploads folder for wordpress.

In Magento you would set the Unsecure Base URL for media. If you’re not sure how to do this using your specific software, just get in touch for assistance


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