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You Are Protected Against Meltdown and Spectre

From the beginning of the New Year, NR Hosting team became aware of a security flaw regarding the way modern CPUs predict possible future user actions and store small bits of information in their cache in order to provide near-instant interaction...

Speed up your slow website with htaccess

Apache .htaccess file is at the heart of your web server and controls how your website will react to different actions performed by your visitors. We have compiled awesome .htaccess snippets to optimize your website in many ways. All of the snippets...

Free SSL installation guide

Secure WordPress website or blog with a free SSL

SSL helps to make your sensitive data secure. You shouldn’t provide credit card information or any other sensitive data in an unsecured link.¬†In this guide, we will teach how to secure a WordPress website with free SSL in just 3 steps. What is...

Full guide to email spoofing and SPF records

One common tactic used by spammers is the “spoofing” of email addresses. When they send out their junk email (advertising pharmaceuticals, pirated software, etc) they will often put a genuine user’s email address in their...

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