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Secure WordPress website or blog with a free SSL

Free SSL installation guide

SSL helps to make your sensitive data secure. You shouldn’t provide credit card information or any other sensitive data in an unsecured link. In this guide, we will teach how to secure a WordPress website with free SSL in just 3 steps.

What is SSL

SSL is the short form of Secure Socket Layer. It protects visitors data submitted to the server. Nowadays, people are very aware of their secret data. SSL protects them and doesn’t allow them to get into the hand of any unauthorized person.


Why SSL Important?

There are several reasons why every website should have SSL. Aside from securing your website, there are some other advantages of getting an SSL certificate. Here are a few number of these advantages.

Boost Search Ranking: Your website will seem higher within the google search ranking. In August 06, 2014 google declared HTTPS as a ranking signal.

Trustworthy: Visitors trust websites with SSL. they feel safe to submit any kind of form or create any type of transaction.

Secure User Data: The prime job of SSL is to secure user data so that no unauthorized person can have them.


How to Get the SSL Certificate?

There are lots of SSL Certificate provider. You can buy an SSL certificate from 10 – 500$ or more. The price is different because there are different types of SSL certificates. Such as:

  • Domain Validated Certificates
  • Company Validated Certificates
  • Organization Validated Certificates
  • Extended Validation Certificates
  • Wildcard Certificates
  • Multi-Domain Certificates


How to Get a Free SSL Certificate?

At NR Hosting you can install a 100% free SSL certificate with all of our Cloud or Shared Hosting plan. But if you are using hosting from other’s this guide will help you to install an SSL for free in just 3 easy steps.


Step 1

There are some steps you will have to go through in order to get free SSL certificate. At first install CloudFlare on your domain. Just watch this video for add your domain to CloudFlare.


Step 2

After changing the nameserver successfully. You have to click on the page rule in the Cloudflare account then set it up. Instruction is given on the page just follow that. Add page rule just like this: http://**


Step 3

Now you need to go to your website dashboard and install CloudFlare and Really Simple SSL plugins and activate them. After you have successfully activated those two plugins, you need to set up the Cloudflare plugin with your email address and the API key given by Cloudflare.

Plugin Links:

  1. Cloudflare WP Plugin
  2. Really Simple SSL

Once you have done all of these works, it will take 24 hours to be activated the SSL. You will see the secure sign before the URL of your website which will automatically take https instead of http.


You will find active in the status of the CloudFlare account overview within 24 hours after this process.

This is how you can get free SSL certificate for your WP website. We are thankful to Cloudflare for such tremendous opportunity they have given you. For more visit their website. Here is their official website link:

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