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12 SEO Audit Tools List for Effective Website Analysis

SEO Audit Tools

When you make a website, you need to fully audit it with any SEO audit tools after finishing development. This is not a laughing fact that you are auditing a website. Auditing a website takes a lot of time and toil. For auditing a website, the auditor needs to check over hundreds of pages. To make this work easier, We always search for best tools which are used by SEO auditors.
Now, many tools of this type are available in shops and online. Auditors do not take too much time to doing compendium checks on every web page. Nowadays, you will find many websites with audit tools which will help you in detecting the problem of your website.
Remember, only using auditing tools will not help you finding the perfect problems of your web page. For getting the perfect problems, you must need a professional auditing team.
But, if you are trying to search Google for the best auditing tool, then I prefer you to not waste your time by doing this. For that, We have listed some best SEO auditing tool of online. Now We are telling about them below:-

1. Screaming Frog: If you want to analyze your website once, then Screaming Frog can be your perfect partner. This is not fully an audit tool but like a crawling tool, it crawls your website fully and then it shows the possible SEO problems of your web page. Its behavior is like a complete audit tool because it has 30 specific parameters to find the possible problem of your website.
This tool can check up to 500 pages of a website. And it will bring you the report of 30 types of problem like Meta descriptions, outlines, response time, anchor text, security, etc.

2. SE Ranking Website Audit: SE Ranking is another best SEO audit tool for you. It not only detects the problem of your website but also make a list of tasks to do. SE Ranking will crawl your website and will back with 70 parameters like domain overview, pages, Meta, content, images and links analysis, and mobile optimization etc.
It’s different from other tools for its one best feature which is this tool will detect all the problems and will get back to you with one list. And then it will give you some tips. And after giving the report you can save it in PDF format as well.

3. Seoptimer: Seoptimer is free website auditing tool. It not only detects critical problems but also shows how to improve search ranking based on the appraisal. This tool is available on Google chrome store as an extension. So you can download it, and search your web page for problems now. At NR Hosting our content creator use this tool for SEO audit.

4. Marketing Grader: Marketing grinder is an online tool which is founded by Hub Spot. This tool will analyze your website and then it will give a summary of the option to enlarge in each point. It is called as a complex tool because after finishing analyze it comes with a lot of information and data to process.

Marketing Grinder analyzes fully and then gives a full website statistic report. It is perfect for the SEO professionals that they can learn what is the website position by contents and links by this report.

5. Site Analyzer: Site Analyzer, the best freemium SEO audit tools. It gives 20 reports with problems per month. It has 50 parameters to detect the real problems.

It will also give you the score of global positions of websites based on accessibility, design, networking, texts, and multimedia etc.

6. My Site Auditor: My Site Auditor one of the best auditing tools. It is preferable to biggest SEO companies and also it helps in generating more leads. This tool is compatible with Google’s ranking algorithm.

It finds specific websites to target real keywords. Its result can be printed as PDF format and also the send via email.

7. Google Search Console: If you are a beginner at SEO, the Google Search Console is for you. This tool is completely free. It will provide you a perfect summary of your website problem with an important You can also find your website’s position with this.

But, it is a problem that it will not give you a perfect result of your website, which is a major problem of this tool. But, otherwise, it is a good tool to use.

8. SEO Report Card: If you are looking for a sudden analysis of your website, then SEO Report Card can be the perfect mate for you. It is good at visual in presentation and it is also swift to work. The audits which are complete by this tool are rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, metrics, and current Indexing etc.

9. Moz Crawl Test: Moz Crawl Test is another online-based tool in SEO and website auditing. Moz has their own website crawler; with this, they can find the problems in the website, codes of HTTP and other data’s. It also detects the duplicate contents of your website; errors are in the title tag, redirect problem of the server and other problems which affect the crawl ability of your website.

10. Deep Crawl: Deep Crawl is also the best tool to provide problem report and for crawling millions of web pages. If you are running large marketing projects then this tool is for you. Its report will returns with the structure, content of your competitor’s website.

It has an auto-crawling option, which will let you customize your crawls like set the metrics for content, web page load time, links, titles, and URL lengths, etc. It can also manage your SEO team by assigning new tasks to an employee, hiring new employees and keep a record of your website time-to-time.

11. Found’s SEO Audit Tool: It is a perfect tool for online marketers who want find and solve the SEO problems. In their website, you just need to enter the URL, and then they will give you an instant report based on main three sections, i.e. technical, content issues, and external link analysis. You can also download the report as in PDF format.

12. Alexa Site Audit: Alexa Site Audit is a favorite tool for some site owners. Because, this tool finds SEO problems along with fixing the problems. It will give you keyword and backlink suggestion according to the data of Alexa. Reports which will be generated is easy-to-read.


Ready to Pick Your Best Website Audit Tool?

Selecting the best SEO audit tools and the combination of these tools will make your website stronger and also stand out against your other competitors.

Please remember this list is not based on any ranking factors. Remember the point which we said at the beginning of the topic, none of these tools are all-encompassing, and you need to work with these tools with the right SEO team. It will lead you to take the right steps in business. Please tell us in the comment section below, which tool you are using for your website audit? Thank you!

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