SSL Detection on the Cloud

To facilitate SSL functionality across multiple web servers in a clustered environment we deploy a separate SSL load balancer. This means that sites can have SSL enabled with no downtime due to


Great News PHP 7 Now Available on the Cloud

NR Hosting team are so excited to announce that our Cloud Hosting platform now supports PHP 7, the latest release from the PHP team. PHP 7 comes loaded with new features and under the hood


Speed up your site by serving static content

To speed up the loading of your static content on your site (such as images, JavaScript, CSS files, etc) it is possible to tell your site to load them from the cloud’s high-speed Nginx

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The WildCard Redirection on Cloud Server

If you want to redirect a domain and everything inside it to a new domain, whilst keeping the permalink structure, then you can do this by using mod_rewrite. Simply add the following lines of


What is Backlink and How Can it Grow Your Audience?

We have many techniques to boost our website’s exposure, from creating Facebook posts to collecting customer reviews. Today we’re tackling another tactic for acquiring traffic, the

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10 Common WordPress Errors With Quick Fixes

If your blog is throwing a 403 error, a maintenance notice or even a blank white screen, don’t panic. These are just a few of the most common WordPress issues reported to us on a daily


Fix and Protect Hacked WordPress Site

Websites get “hacked” all the time, and the symptoms a site experiences as a result differs from case to case. Your website might redirect to a website you’ve never seen before, it might get


How Web Hosting Companies Work

Web hosting companies provide space to businesses and individuals on their servers to host the files that make up your website. They also provide internet connections to those customers as well.

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Best Cloud Hosting in Bangladesh

NR Hosting offering best and affordable cloud hosting in Bangladesh. There are many reason why you should love NR hosting cloud service. From a case study we discover that most of the bd people